CCP Performance Valvetronic Mufflers

A remote controlled solution for all

CCP Remote Controlled Valvetronic Systems is designed to give 2 different sound levels increase without sacrificing the sound quality and performance sound effects. The valve-close operation increases the sound level by approximately 15% while the valve-open operation increases the sound level by 30%.

This system has an additional electric motor that controls a valve mechanism to be able to divert the exhaust flow to a less resonated muffler section to increase the sound level. Our valve system is very unique from almost all other brands as exhaust flow ends up at the rear tip either valve open or close. Most other systems in the market let the exhaust flow out from an additional outlet port attached to the muffler which gives the exhaust sound and gas under the car rather the rear tip(s).

All CCP Performance Exhaust Systems are made of Grade 304 Polished Stainless Steel which is the best material after the titanium, and all mufflers and tips are robotic TIG welding inside out. All our systems come with a lifetime warranty (only the valve mechanisms of remote-controlled mufflers come 3 years warranty). 


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