Chip Tuning is Completely Legal in the UAE!

GOOD NEWS! Chip tuning / ECU remapping is not affected by the new regulations of the UAE government in cooperation with Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE regarding car performance modifications.

Chip tuning is a safe and legal way to maximize engine performance within its mechanical limits, maintaining reliability and safety on the road.

Additionally, only in chip tuning will you get the highest horsepower and torque gains compared to other bolt-on upgrades such as cold air intake systems and exhaust systems.

ChipCentric Auto Mechanical Services

As the pioneer of chip tuning services in the region, we are committed to giving you the highest quality of service. We have recently expanded and renovated our office to serve you better.

BMW Transmission Tuning by ChipCentric

JeepCentric Turbo Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK 3.6L

JeepCentric Turbo Kits are on the road now!

JeepCentric’s Jeep Turbo is built by years of knowledge and experience with combination of perfect matching best quality components and custom designed pipe works for exhaust and intercooler systems.

Basic Kit delivers 385+hp with very safe boost level of 6 psi, and can kick the boost from low rpm ranges. We have already tested in the last 2.5 months, more than 10 Pentastar 3.6L wranglers with 9 psi reaching 440+ hp, even with auto transmission, used off-road every weekend and no problems reported.
The turbo of this kit is capable of 30 psi which is way more than needed. Please keep in mind that turbo we use is both water and oil cooled and comes with ceramic ball-bearings. Depending on the purpose of use, additional components and customization is very easy.

Advantages over Supercharger Kits:

  • Turbo does not consume engine power to operate
  • Much earlier spool brings better low rpm power.
  • Turbo operates almost ¼ of its boost capacity for mentioned power gains, therefore can make quick and easy increase of boost in minutes using manual or electronic boost controller. You can also go for massive power gains when your engine is ready for more, without any additional (or very low) investment on the kit (engine internals and performance clutch would be your only concern).
  • Repair and maintenance of complete kit are much easier, faster and cheaper as major components like compressor, intercooler, manifold and pressure valve are separate, not a single sealed-box like supercharger.
  • There is no continuous “whining” sound. There is a nice air suction sound only when the engine is at full throttle.

Base JK Jeep Turbo Kits include:

  • Turbo GT3071R
    • Working Pressure: up to 30 PSI / 400-600 HP
    • Ceramic Ball Bearing
    • Oil /Water Cooled
  • WasteGate (6-8 psi)
  • Diverter / Dump Valve
  • Air to Air Intercooler (Silicone Connectors, Polished Aluminum Pipes)
  • Manual Boost Controller
  • Big Injector Set (6) 48 Lbs
  • Map Sensor 3-Bar
  • Air Intake Kit
  • Stainless Steel Turbo Downpipe
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust Collector Pipes
  • Ceramic Turbo Blanket for Heat Insulation
  • ECM/PCM Reprograming (No Hand Held Programmer)
  • Before and After Dyno Test

Retail Price: 21,900 AED (all inclusive)