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The Axle-Back Exhaust systems include the replacement of muffler(s) only after the rear axle which usually consists of only the muffler(s) under the rear bumper. The mid-muffler section that is between the catalytic converters and rear muffler(s) (axle back) remains untouched.

The Cat-Back Exhaust systems include the replacement of all mufflers precisely after the catalytic converters including mid-muffler(s) and rear muffler(s) (axle-back).

And, Mid-Muffler(s) replacement is the mildest sound effect which does not consist of any replacement of other exhaust components.

Mid-Muffler(s) + Axle-Back Exhaust System = Cat-Back Exhaust System

All CCP Performance Exhaust Systems are made of Grade 304 Polished Stainless Steel which is the best material after the titanium, and all mufflers and tips are robotic TIG welding inside out. All our systems come with a lifetime warranty (only the valve mechanisms of remote-controlled mufflers come 3 years warranty). 


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