ChipCentric would like to introduce a Brand Ambassador Program which could be mutually satisfactory for both parties, based on helping each other while performing what they really love to do.

The core value of the ambassador program is primarily to spread not only ChipCentric brand as one of the leading tuning companies in the region but also aims to deliver the appropriate car tuning principals, to help car enthusiasts like ourselves to know and love their cars more and enjoy the ride.

ChipCentric will Sponsor the following:

  1. Performance chip tuning for engine and transmission (if applicable)
  2. Custom exhaust modifications. (if applicable)
  3. Custom cold air intake system. (if applicable)

We are looking for a single Ambassador for each vehicle groups below:

  • Any Mercedes Benz AMGs
  • Any BMW with turbo engines & non-turbo M-series
  • Any Audi “S” and “RS”
  • Ford Mustang 2015+, Ford Raptor 2015+, Ford Focus ST 2011+
  • GM – Corvette C7, Camaro 2016+, Sierra/Silverado 2015+, Escalade 2015+
  • MOPAR – Any model with HEMI, SRT, SRT-8 engines 2015+
  • Mitsubishi – Pajero 2015+, Lancer Evo-X
  • Toyota – FJ Cruiser 2015+, Land Cruiser 2015+
  • Nissan – Patrol 2015+, Z-series (2015+)



  1. Car owner needs to send an email to, with the subject line “ChipCentric Brand Ambassador” to submit the below details.
  • Car Owner’s Complete Name
  • Car Owner’s Contact No. (with WhatsApp)
  • Car Brand / Model (with engine details) / Year
  • List of Car Clubs with Active Membership
  • List of Car Events Attended with this car

Including attachments of few photos/videos of the car, preferably on any car events attended.


  1. ChipCentric will contact back all shortlisted attendants, sending also the sample MoU and expect the attendant to visit ChipCentric (if agreed on the MoU terms in principle) with his car.


  1. During this visit, the unclear T&C and possible modifications will be discussed.


  1. ChipCentric will notify all the chosen final Ambassadors once evaluations are finalized.




As a condition to your acceptance and participation in the Program, you will comply always with all rules applicable to you end.

  1. Proper presentation and branding of the ambassador car as much as possible.
  1. To be part of one or multiple car clubs with an active membership. Participation in events as much as possible that he/she can handle personal lifestyle. , and we do understand that participation in events is according to your availability.
  1. The ambassadors are expected to inform ChipCentric prior to their attendance to any event and submit some photos and videos after that. ChipCentric is free to use these photos for any purpose of advertising including social media. Therefore, Ambassadors should send in only the photos they allow ChipCentric to use freely without any further permission.
  1. If the ambassador did not attend any sufficient number of events, ChipCentric may call the attention of the ambassador to imply a back-to-stock procedure. If so, the owner will need to bring the ambassador car within 15 days prior to notice and ChipCentric will perform the back-to-stock procedure within 1-day and the contract will be terminated.
  1. The pre-agreed branding material (stickers, etc) which is legally acceptable by RTA will always stay in the car. The bigger material which is not legal on the road will be applied on the car for each and every event. Failing this clause is a direct reason for MoU Termination.  The subject material will be provided by Chipcentric free of charge and application and removal of the material is car owners’ responsibility.  Car Owner should stop by some days before the events to pick up the stickers.
  • 5.a – Permanent Stickers and locations on the car:


  • 5.b – Temporary Stickers and locations on the car:


  1. Unless meet and signed a new contract with the new owner, the Ambassador should bring in the car for a back-to-stock procedure in case the owner is selling the car.
  1. Expressing a completely honest and realistic opinion on the work done if satisfied, without either downgrading or exaggeration, be simply honest about his opinion.
  2. ChipCentric will expect the feedback from the Ambassadors about the performance of the modifications, and ChipCentric will respond to feedbacks to enhance the modifications for a better result.
  3. In case of any dissatisfaction after all enhancing attempts of ChipCentric, Ambassador is expected to terminate the contract and ask ChipCentric to convert the car back to stock, and not making any bad publicity as this is a friendly programme with mutual goodwill.
  1. ChipCentric will inform the car owner about the legal standing of the subject modifications under the UAE Laws, yet the car owner is the sole (only) responsible party about the legality of the modifications from the very first day and will be fully responsible for all the consequences (Financial & Legal in accordance to the UAE Laws). ChipCentric has naturally no control whether the vehicle is used within all relevant UAE laws and legal environment (on or off-road).


Accordingly, any sort of fines, punishments, consequences of any accidents are a pure responsibility of the car owner, and the car owner accepts in this MoU that he cannot claim any legal or financial damages.

This is the “only” legally binding clause of this agreement including any accidents, fines, or any other responsibilities on the car or with an owner.


  1. The effects of the subject modifications on the car manufacturer and dealer warranty are purely the responsibility of the car owner. The car owner should check with his car dealer and make his final decision about the modifications.  ChipCentric is not responsible for any loses due to the dealer or manufacturer warranty.


  1. ChipCentric is not responsible for any mechanical damages whatsoever on any components on the car. Any kind of mechanical damages after the modification jobs are car owners’ responsibility.


  1. The property rights of all installed parts and performed jobs, do belong to ChipCentric, and ChipCentric has the rights to return the ambassador’s car back-to-stock if the owner did not meet the agreed terms and conditions. The owner will need to bring the ambassador car within 15 days prior to notice and ChipCentric will perform the back-to-stock procedure within 1-day and the contract will be terminated.


  1. The replaced stock parts will be kept at the ChipCentric facility until the agreement/contract finishes. At the end of contract duration, ChipCentric will perform the back-to-stock procedure.


  1. There will be a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with no legal binding, that will be signed by both parties in agreement and understanding to all the terms and conditions of the program.


  1. This MoU constitutes the entire understanding between the parties about the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior communications and understandings, both written and oral.

Any mutually agreed changes should be confirmed by both parties in a written correspondence or a direct amendment to this MoU.



By submitting and signing this Brand Ambassador MoU, Car Owner acknowledges that he/she has completely read and understand this MoU and any updated Brand Ambassador

MoU going forward and agree to all its terms and conditions listed, including all Brand Ambassador and ChipCentric services information including but not limited to, ChipCentric Marketing Information, ChipCentric Ambassador Overview, and site pages of You have independently evaluated this program and are not relying on any representation, guarantee, or statement other than as set forth in this Agreement.


Please contact us for more details.

(All transactions and applications are done via E-mail ONLY .)

We Tune All European Cars!


European Cars Chip Tuning

We Tune American Cars!

American Cars Chip Tuning


BMW Transmission Tuning by ChipCentric

BMW Transmission Tuning

First in the UAE! ChipCentric is proud to offer a new addition to its amazing lineup of services!

With months of testing on dyno and on the road, we have perfected our tune for the BMW ZF6HP transmissions. The ZF6HP was BMWs automatic transmission of choice for nearly their complete lineup since the early 2000s to 2011, and on some vehicles until 2013.

Three different configurations are available:

Stage 1
– Optimized D Shiftpoints to facilitate sporty, yet economy style driving
– Optimized Shift Strategy for up/downhill driving
– Optimized Warmup Behaviour
– Optimized Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear
– Lowered minimum RPM limit manual mode
– Adapted Torque Limits for Tuned engines
– Kickdown delete in Manual Mode
– Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes

Stage 2
– Optimized D & S Shiftpoints for better acceleration in part and full throttle situations
– Firmer, sportier upshifts in D/S/M mode
– Faster paddle response time
– Optimized Shift Strategy for up/downhill driving
– Optimized Warmup Behaviour
– Optimized Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear
– Raised Torque Limits for Tuned engines
– Kickdown delete in Manual Mode
– Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes

Stage 3
– Optimized D & S Shiftpoints for better acceleration in part and full throttle situations
– Race-like upshifts with TQ increase
– Shift times approx. 50% faster in S/M Modes
– Shift times approx. 25% faster in D Mode
– True Manual mode (no automatic upshift in M mode)
– Automatic Rev-Matching (Throttle – Blip) on Downshifts in S/M Modes – Faster paddle response time (depends on the vehicle)
– Optimized Shift Strategy for up/downhill driving – Optimized Warmup behavior
– Optimized Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear
– Even more raised Torque Limits for Tuned engines
– Kickdown delete in Manual Mode
– Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes

** It is only possible to write one (1) configuration at a time.
** While the exact feature list of each calibration will depend on the specific vehicle, the general changes mentioned above can be expected.

Contact us now for pricing and other information!

ChipCentric Service Packages for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz

ChipCentric is proud to offer new service packages for Mercedes-Benz vehicles!

We use genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz parts (oil filter, air filter, etc).

Aftermarket performance parts and upgrades can be arranged:
– K&N High-flow Air Filters
– K&N Performance Oil Filters
– Cold Air Intakes
– Performance Spark Plugs
– Oil Catch Cans
– Upgraded Supercharger Pulleys
– Aftermarket / Custom Exhaust Systems
– Aftermarket / Custom Intake Systems

We are also highly capable of identifying and repairing faults and malfunctions using Mercedes-specific diagnostic tools for precise diagnostics and troubleshooting. Our highly-trained mechanics will carry out necessary repairs as needed.

Chip Tuning is Completely Legal in the UAE!


GOOD NEWS! Chip tuning / ECU remapping is not affected by the new regulations of the UAE government in cooperation with Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE regarding car performance modifications.

Chip tuning is a safe and legal way to maximize engine performance within its mechanical limits, maintaining reliability and safety on the road.

Additionally, only in chip tuning will you get the highest horsepower and torque gains compared to other bolt-on upgrades such as cold air intake systems and exhaust systems.

ChipCentric Ramadan Promo!

ChipCentric Ramadan Promo

ChipCentric Ramadan Promo

At ChipCentric, the month of giving and generosity comes early. Get 30% discount on all chip tuning and modification/service labor across all car makes and models. Contact us now for inquiries or booking.

ChipCentric wishes everyone a bright and blessed Ramadan.

BullyDog BDX Summer Sale!

BullyDog Promo

BullyDog BDX Summer Sale, limited stocks left with a special promo price of 1100 dhs!

This handheld programmer has the widest range of compatibility across different car makes/models:
Ford / GM / Dodge / Jeep / Chrysler / Toyota / Nissan

The device comes pre-installed with the latest tunes for your vehicle, and it is continuously updated to support even more car makes/models!

– Dyno-Proven Performance
BDX delivers dyno-proven tune files that increase horsepower & torque, unlocking greater towing ability and offroad potential.

– WiFi Updates & Cloud Tuning
While other devices ship with outdated tune files, BDX always downloads the latest files tailored for your vehicle. Over-the-air updates also means that custom tunes from your dealer arrive remotely without wires.

– Monitoring & Gauges
Monitor a wide range of critical engine & transmission parameters, and create custom gauge views. Datalog parameters and playback via PC to maximize potential of dealer custom tunes.

Contact us now!