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JeepCentric Dubai Turbo Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK 3.6L Pentastar







JeepCentric is proud to announce our own flagship turbocharger system for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Built by years of knowledge and experience with combination of perfect matching best quality components and custom designed pipe works for exhaust and intercooler systems. Months of research and development on exhaust piping, waste-gate size, spring pressure in and out port sizes & angles, result the boost kick at 1900 rpm and holds until 6500 rpm with max 2 psi boost drop as never seen with any other supercharger or turbo kits.

The JeepCentric turbo kit utilizes 9 psi of boost generating 430-445 engine horsepower.

The kit itself has the maximum boost capacity of 30 psi which is just ready for massive power increase when the engine internals are replaced by our 20-PSI Engine Conversion Kit (Forged pistons, forged rod bolts and ARP struts). With the 20 PSI conversion, the engine HP reaches almost 700 hp which is recommended only for Manual Transmission cars for now, until we test it on an AUTO Transmission Wrangler.

In addition to the wastegate, the JeepCentric turbo kit also uses a dump valve to protect the turbo from surge at sudden closing of the throttle. For the clients who do not like to hear the boost release noise, we also offer a diverter valve instead for quiet boost release. We also have an alternative turbo with the exact same specs but featuring “Surge Protection” which allows the system to operate without a dump valve.  The turbo is chosen with both water and oil cooling capability, not only helping the increased turbo life but also support the intercooler to reduce the intake air temperature significantly.

The turbo in the JeepCentric kit is chosen with both water and oil cooling capability, not only helping the increased turbo life but also support the intercooler to reduce the intake air temperature significantly.

In addition, turbo is with ceramic ball bearings and billet propellers, capable of 30 psi, utilizing only 9 psi without any upgrade cost like other Kits. The boost can be tremendously increased instantly (up to 30 psi) when the engine is ready.

The JeepCentric turbo kit’s intercooler system with air-to-air heat exchanger, silicone connectors, polished aluminum pipes with end-rings and heavy-duty metal clamps provides excellent intake air temperature reduction with no boost leak possibility. The Turbo is also covered with a thermal blanket for extra heat insulation.

The kit is inclusive of separate water and oil cooler with no link to engine to make sure best possible turbo cooling for increased turbo life as well as lowest intake air temperature. This cooling system includes extra heat exchangers both at the top and bottom of the intercooler and a pump at the left lower corner.

All of the exhaust and turbo piping in the JeepCentric turbo kit is fabricated in-house. The exhaust collector and downpipe system is a state-of-the-art work using top quality polished stainless steel pipes and TIG-welding. It is not engineered only for meeting the engine and turbo flow capacity but also route-designed for extreme off-road driving conditions. The exhausts pipes are also wrapped to further improve heat insulation. Keeping the stock exhaust system with any forced induction system is a bottle-neck for the optimum performance. This design has no issues under the toughest off-road conditions.

The JeepCentric turbo kit includes a cover on the K&N performance filter, an air diversion scoop behind the front grill and relocation of the power steering reservoir to feed cold air and take advantage of the ram-air effect to the turbo. We also designed and added another air-diversion plate to route extra air under the car to flow through the radiators.

The engine bay looks so neat and natural after all due to very precise design and installation process.

Both 9 psi and 20 psi kits come with High Flow Performance Injectors for increased fueling requirements, chosen from Bosch, Injector Dynamics or Deatschwerks and higher pressure range Map Sensor with also air temperature sensor from Bosch includes in the kit.  If the 9 psi kit needs to be converted to 20 psi, bigger injectors are needed.  If the JeepCentric turbo kit is ordered with 20 PSI conversion kit initially, it is supplied with bigger injectors accordingly.

The base JeepCentric turbo kit includes:

Turbo GT3071R

Working Pressure: up to 30 PSI / 400-600 HP

Ceramic Ball Bearing

Oil/Water Cooled

Wastegate (6-8 psi)

Diverter / Dump Valve

Air to Air Intercooler (Silicone Connectors, Polished Aluminum Pipes)

Manual Boost Controller

Big Injector Set (6) 48 lbs

MAP Sensor 3-bar

Air Intake Kit

Stainless Steel Turbo Downpipe

Stainless Steel Exhaust Collector Pipes

Ceramic Turbo Blanket for Heat Insulation

ECM/PCM Reprograming (No Handheld Programmer)

Before and After Dyno Test

We have spent hundreds of hours data logging both on dyno and on road for perfect engine management tune to achieve best power within safe engine limits, daily drivability and fuel efficiency which is highly specialized for the Middle East region.

In addition to the data logging on dyno for the precise tuning the cars get before and after the job dyno sessions to see the power difference.

JeepCentric turbo kit is simply better than any other supercharger and turbocharger kits available at this moment with its:

Exhaust modification for forced-induction requirements

Optional electronic boost control option for unequal boost management

Deep down tuning for requirements of this region including off-road requirements

Individual compressor cooling with both oil and water

Custom design Air Intake System for RAM and coldest breathing effect

You can come and test drive our own Turbo Jeep Wrangler JK 3.6 to see the results and have a better visual inspection of the build. We can also arrange a time and date for a meeting to personally discuss all the details of this project here in our workshop.

Experience the results yourself. Contact us now to test drive JeepCentric’s turbocharged Jeep