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After many years of being in engine performance modifications, and finally developing in-house turbo kits which require precise exhaust piping works such as custom headers (collectors) and down-pipes, Chipcentric has built up skills and experience on fabricating of high-quality and precise custom exhaust piping.

Partnered in a performance muffler fabrication facility in Istanbul Turkey in 2016 and started manufacturing performance exhaust systems for most common cars of the Middle East region as well as custom exhaust systems for individual requirements.

Chipcentric branded out the CCP Performance Exhaust Systems as a result of long years of technical knowledge, skills, and experience, combined with the awareness of client expectations.


Sound level Increase, Sound Quality and Performance Sound Effects:

Please remember that sound level increase and sound quality are different things and expectations from an exhaust system upgrade should also include sound quality and Performance Sound Effects. A simple replacement of straight pipes for canceling a muffler gives the raw sound level increase but definitely no sound quality and performance sound effects. The droning noise is the main indication for loss of sound quality and having no deeper and rumbling effects are a lack of performance sound effects. As a conclusion, a performance exhaust system upgrade must give sound level increase with performance sound effects (getting deeper and adding rumble) without costing a droning sound.

CCP Performance Exhaust Systems are designed for various sound level expectations of clients, providing performance sound effects with no droning.


CCP Remote Controlled Valvetronic Systems:

Considering the inquiries from our clients, we have also developed CCP Remote Controlled Valvetronic Systems which is design to give 2 different sound levels increase without sacrificing the sound quality and performance sound effects.  The valve-close operation increases the sound level by approximately 15% while the valve-open operation increases the sound level by 30%.

This system has an additional electric motor that controls a valve mechanism to be able to divert the exhaust flow to a less resonated muffler section to increase the sound level. Our valve system is very unique from almost all other brands as exhaust flow ends up at the rear tip either valve open or close. Most other systems in the market let the exhaust flow out from an additional outlet port attached to the muffler which gives the exhaust sound and gas under the car rather the rear tip(s).


CCP Catalytic Converter(s) Cancellation:

As the Catalytic Converters are the most restrictive components for the exhaust flow, canceling them on all engine types enhances the engine performance and raises the exhaust sound level. But, the engine performance enhancement is more significant on turbo aspirated engines because, in addition to a more significant engine power-increase, turbo spool also starts at lower rpm.  Depending on the engine type, catalytic converter(s) cancelation also increases the exhaust sound level.

Please keep in mind that catalytic converter deletion significantly increases exhaust emissions. Depending on the usage of the vehicle, you should consider environmental effects as well as the legal responsibilities before proceeding with this job.

We offer 2 different options for catalytic converter deletion works.  One is the emptying inside the OEM catalytic shells (which is the less costly option), the other one is the replacement of catalytic converter with a new straight down-pipe.  The end result in sense of performance and sound of both options is identical.


Cat-Back, Axle-Back & Mid-Muffler Only Systems:

The Axle-Back systems include the replacement of muffler(s) only after the rear axle which usually consists of only the muffler(s) under the rear bumper. The mid-muffler section that is between the catalytic converters and rear muffler(s) (axle back) remains untouched.

The Cat-Back systems include the replacement of all mufflers immediately after the catalytic converters including mid-muffler(s) and rear muffler(s) (axle-back). 

And, Mid-Muffler(s) replacement is the mildest sound effect which does not consist of any replacement of other exhaust components. 

Mid-Muffler(s) + Axle-Back = Cat-Back


CCP Exhaust Tips:

CCP has a huge selection of exhaust tips with different sizes, colors, and shapes which gives a more sportier look than the OEM tips.  CCP tips can be implemented on the OEM stock mufflers as well as on all CCP exhaust system replacement works.

Quality & Warranty:

All CCP Performance Exhaust Systems are made of Grade 304 Polished Stainless Steel which is the best material after the titanium, and all mufflers and tips are robotic TIG welding inside out. All our systems come with a lifetime warranty (only the valve mechanisms of remote-controlled mufflers come 3 years warranty)