We provide the best custom tune & car performance upgrades in the region.

Our Services

Chip Tuning

Chipcentric excels in improving your car’s performance by Chip Tuning / ECU Remapping using various programming tools and software that will remain untraceable to any main dealer. We provide modified and programmable read-only memory chip to achieve superior performance.

Custom Exhaust Systems

Chipcentric, provides you performance high quality and efficient “in-house” built exhaust systems. Using 304 Polished Stainless Steel Pipes a corrosion resistant. And using TIG Welding. Having a custom car exhaust system increases horsepower while helping maximize the engine’s exhaust flow. You might also find that you have better fuel efficiency.

Custom Cold Air Intake Systems

Chipcentric, promotes an “in-house” custom built intake systems. Chipcentric, finds a perfect fit in your car’s engine bay to create a breathable airway, by adding a scope to isolate the air flow.

In-House PCM/ECU Unlock For 2015+ Dodge, Jeep & Chrysler

Custom Turbo Conversion Projects

  • Power gain up to 480 Horsepower, with Stock Engine and Transmission Internals
  • Ready with 800 Horsepower, with Engine and Transmission modifications
  • Demo- car available upon request

Quick Services

  • Change Oil and Filters
  • Performance Parts Installation
  • Brakes and Suspension Works
  • A/C Repairs
  • Polish Ceramic Coating
  • Interior and Engine Bay Detailing

Why us?

We got the tools

Chipcentric excels in improving your car’ s performance by Chip Tuning / ECU Remapping using various programming tools and software.

Competitive Pricing

Chipcentric offers only high quality worthy of the best chip tuning.

15 Years of Experience

Chipcentric is built with pure passion of cars. And we continuously grow as a team of vehicle enthusiasts, working with our full potential to develop best quality services to our clients.

Great Support

We are here to help you improve the performance of your car and unleash its true potential.
We guarantee quality work and friendly service every time you step through our doors.

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