ChipCentric Performance - The Best Chip Tuning Garage in Dubai 

As the leader of the Chip Tuning industry in the Middle East, Chipcentric offers the top quality chip tuning services with unbeatable performance, reliability, and prices.

With our years of expertise and distinguished experience, we can achieve all/most of the following performance elements on all European, American & Asian vehicles.

- DTCs Disabling for custom engine hardware modifications,
- In-house PCM unlock services for 2015+ MOPAR vehicles avoiding the purchase of new PCM or shipment of PCM to the USA prior to tuning services,
- TCU (Transmission Control Unit) tuning services,
- ECU programming for Pop and Crackle sound at the exhaust,
- Custom tuning services for Forced Induction (Turbo & Supercharger) conversions.

Other than the claimed horsepower and torque increase, Chipcentric performance chip tuning services also include:

- Throttle Response Rate Increase,
- Full Throttle RPM limiters Increase,
- Electronic Top Speed Limiter Cut Delete,
- Coolant Fan Speed Increase above 97c Temperature,
- A/C Compressor Off at Full Throttle.
- Transmission Controller tuning for Less Torque Reduction and Faster Up and Down Shift Cycles at Full Throttle (on most American Cars).


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