CCP Performance Catalytic Converter Delete Downpipes

As the Catalytic Converters are the most restrictive components for the exhaust flow, canceling them on all engine types enhances the engine performance and raises the exhaust sound level. But, the engine performance enhancement is more significant on turbo aspirated engines because, in addition to a more significant engine power-increase, turbo spool also starts at lower rpm. Depending on the engine type, catalytic converter(s) cancelation also increases the exhaust sound level.

Please keep in mind that catalytic converter deletion significantly increases exhaust emissions. Depending on the usage of the vehicle, you should consider environmental effects as well as the legal responsibilities before proceeding with this job.

We offer 2 different options for catalytic converter deletion works. One is the emptying inside the OEM catalytic shells (which is cost efficient option), the other one is the replacement of catalytic converter with a new straight down-pipe. The end result in sense of performance and sound of both options is identical.

All CCP Performance Exhaust Systems are made of Grade 304 Polished Stainless Steel which is the best material after the titanium, and all mufflers and tips are robotic TIG welding inside out. All our systems come with a lifetime warranty (only the valve mechanisms of remote-controlled mufflers come 3 years warranty).


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