Chipcentric is introducing RTI!  A POWER UPGRADE of GOLF GTI to R! We provide really good quality IS38 TURBO, High Pressure Fuel Pump, Wastegate, and Chipcentric’s very own CUSTOM TUNE! We also offer you additional performance upgrades like TRANSMISSION TUNE, Custom Cold Air Intake, Catalytic Converter Removal and many more…

Custom Cold Air Intake for Suzuki Jimny

✔ In-House built Aluminum Steel Box ✔ Using high-quality Filters ✔ Breathable airway ✔ Better performance ✔ Added scope to isolate the air flow ✔ Real RAM and Cold-Air Intake


Get your TRANSMISSION TUNE with CHIPCENTRIC!  Optimized D & S Shift-Points for better acceleration in part and full throttle conditions  Approximately 25% faster upshifts in D/S modes  Approximately 50% faster upshifts in M mode  Rev Matched downshifting /Throttle – Blip (not available on all cars)  True manual mode / No forced upshift at limiter (not […]