The CHIPCENTRIC Single Turbo Kit for the Pentastar 3.6 Liter engine has been designed for the specific purpose of being the best and most efficient single turbo kit on the market for the Jeep Wrangler between 2012-2018 models. With many years of experience of working on Wranglers up our sleeves, we have taken all of our accumulated experience and spent many hours of research and development on paper, on dyno and off-road to make the best kit possible!

We have ensured that extra attention has been given to every single detail on the CHIPCENTRIC Wrangler 3.6 Turbo kit. All of those details can be found in the somewhat lengthy description below. Every design choice and product choice has been carefully and strategically calculated to create the best turbo kit possible. On top of making this kit the most effective and powerful kit possible, we spent time to make sure our design required little to no modification to the engine bay during install. Making installation cheaper or quicker and maintenance hassle-free.

Our CHIPCENTRIC Wrangler Turbo Kit for 3.6 liter Pentastar engines is a truly unique forced induction system. Using the completely stock engine with no other aftermarket modifications, we have pushed the 3.6 Pentastar to its safe daily driven stock block limit. On a very conservative long lasting tune, our MAHA dynamometer made 470 hp and 565 nm tq at a low boost setting of 9psi. With our unique design, our turbo kit features a near instant power curve that not only achieves full boost around 3500 rpm, the boost starts at the very low rpm of 1,300 but also has amazing mid and high range power and torque. Leaving the driver with a very even and powerful curve all the way to redline.

With our unique routing and piping diameter choices make this kit a perfectly balanced and trouble free off-road forced induction kit for anything from street use to track abuse, stock engine or fully built beast.

CHIPCENTRIC Wrangler 3.6L Pentastar Components:

– Garrett GTX Series Turbo
– V-Band Housing
– Wastegate & Blow Off Valve
– All Necessary Cold & Hot Stainless Steel Piping
– CHIPCENTRIC Engineered Intercooler and Air Piping
– Oil Catch Can
– Air Intake
– Custom Tuning from CHIPCENTRIC for Engine and Transmission
– 2 Bar MAF Sensor
Destschwerks 600cc Injectors
– Powder Coated Air Lines
– Custom Exhaust Collectors and Downpipes

Max capacity intercooler with large in and out ports for the lowest intake air temperature.
Flexi adapters at the exhaust pipes protecting against breakage
304 stainless steel exhaust piping with TIG welding, route designed for toughest off-roading
Incredible boost pattern with 1 psi boost kicks in at 1300 rpm and 8 psi boost reached at 2700 rpm.

AFR- The AFR tuning is so precisely mapped that reducing down to 11.7 immediately when boost kicks and only after 3100 rpm which is the engine load builds up.

Chipcentric is introducing RTI! 


We provide really good quality IS38 TURBO, High Pressure Fuel Pump, Wastegate, and Chipcentric’s very own CUSTOM TUNE!
We also offer you additional performance upgrades like TRANSMISSION TUNE, Custom Cold Air Intake, Catalytic Converter Removal and many more…

Custom Cold Air Intake for Suzuki Jimny

✔ In-House built Aluminum Steel Box
✔ Using high-quality Filters
✔ Breathable airway
✔ Better performance
✔ Added scope to isolate the air flow
✔ Real RAM and Cold-Air Intake


 Optimized D & S Shift-Points for better acceleration in part and full throttle conditions
 Approximately 25% faster upshifts in D/S modes
 Approximately 50% faster upshifts in M mode
 Rev Matched downshifting /Throttle – Blip (not available on all cars)
 True manual mode / No forced upshift at limiter (not available on all cars)
 Instant paddle response time
 Optimized Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear
 Torque Limits increase during acceleration and Shift-Points
 Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes (not available on all cars)